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United States Legal Online Gambling and Sports Betting Options

Legal online gambling hasn't always been a concern in the United States. In fact, up until the UIGEA of 2006, people could place all of the real money wagers they wanted from the comforts of home. Unfortunately, because the government felt that the vast amount of spending was taking funding away from other parts of the economy, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was put into place in order to make it more difficult for casinos and financial institutions to complete financial transactions.

What Happened?

People who were privy to legal online gambling prior to 2006 were incredibly upset to learn that the number of venues open to the American public was dwindling thereafter, and they wanted answers. The truth of the matter is that the public was putting millions upon millions of dollars per year into the industry, and with the majority of the operators located offshore, those funds were leaving the country for good. Because there was no immediate plan to keep those funds within the borders, the UIGEA was passed in an attempt to outlaw financial transactions.

A Slow Comeback

Despite the federal government's attempts to thwart the practice, some state legislators are taking matters into their own hands. As of right now, gambling of some sort (whether poker-only rooms, sports betting or full-fledged casinos) is legal at the state level in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. There are 11 other states considering similar legislature, and others who are just waiting to see how much revenue these states will generate from the taxes imposed on the people and the venues themselves. Only time will tell for certain, but with these states putting funding into schools, repairs, parks and more, it's likely that complete legalization on a national level will occur in the future. Nowadays, you can gamble on an online casino site virtually from any location on earth. Thanks to services from VPN providers, people can enjoy legal and secure entertainment from anywhere. If you are looking for a place to start, visit this site.

Can I Get in Trouble?

This is the mother of all questions, and it's one that everyone should ask. To date, not a single United States resident has been prosecuted for placing real-money wagers on the internet. However, there have been instances in which people have made deposits, won a large sum, and were then unable to withdraw their winnings due to the restrictions of the UIGEA. Thus, you won't get in trouble if you choose to wager on the internet, but there is no guarantee that a venue won't suddenly be blacklisted and forced to forego future transactions.

Making a Difference

People who are supporters of legal online gambling can do several things if they'd like to see it available in their states. First and foremost, they can write letters to their congressmen in support of it. Citing facts and figures from the areas in which it has been made available can't hurt, either, since budgets are always a concern and extra tax dollars are sure to help local economies. Supporting anti-addiction agencies is something else that may help in the future; many experts claim that legalization could cause gambling addictions to skyrocket and add to increasing mental healthcare costs nationwide.